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Koloa Rum Punch

Ready to drink Koloa Rum Punch is an exotic blend of tropical passion fruit, orange, guava puree and pure Hawaiian cane sugar blended to perfection... More Details
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The Kōloa Rum Company is a single-batch, craft distiller and bottler of premium Hawaiian made rums. Founded in 2009, the company creates superior Hawaiian rums and ready-to-drink cocktails using the best locally-sourced ingredients. Every spirit is made with pure cane sugar and rainwater from Mount Waiʻaleʻale.

Did you know? Hawaiian Rum History

Ancient Polynesian voyagers brought sugarcane to Hawai’i as they migrated from the South Pacific. In 1835, Kōloa was the first town where commercial sugar production operations were established. The initial harvest in 1837 yielded two tons of raw sugar; rum production also started around this time frame.

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