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Redneck Riviera Whiskey

A taste of the good life in every sip. Redneck Riviera Whiskey is a smooth and delightfully bold whiskey crafted with bright traces of vanilla,... More Details
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Redneck Riviera Whiskey is made artfully, in small batches, using only the highest quality ingredients. This rich yet approachable American whiskey is a masterful blend of two premium aged whiskeys; one holding the sweetness of grains and malt with an oak barrel finish; the other, a smooth whiskey that tastes like caramel corn.

Redneck Riviera Whiskey Cocktails

Redneck Riviera Cinnamon Maple Whiskey Sour


  • 1.5 ounces of Redneck Riviera American Blended Whiskey
  • 2 tablespoons Fresh Lemon Juice
  • 2-4 teaspoons of maple syrup
  • Pinch of Ground Cinnamon (optional)


  1. Fill a cocktail shaker or mason jar about 2/3rds full with ice.
  2. Pour in the whiskey, lemon juice, maple syrup and a pinch of cinnamon.
  3. Pour fresh ice into your cocktail glass and strain the cold whiskey sour into the glass.
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Volume 750 mL
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